Brassington & Cooke

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Unrestored Rocking Horse

A really characterful antique rocking horse by Brassington & cooke in unrestored condition.

Clues to its make are in the carving style - take note of the thickness of the front legs where they meet the body, typical of the carving style of this maker.


Brassington & Cooke Rocking Horse

Front view

Fabulous quirky carving to his face! 

His brown paint is not original, but a later albeit 'old' overpainting.

Brassington & Cooke rocking horse

Restored Rocking Horse


This is an example of a Brassington & Cooke rocking horse on a bow rocker fully restored to a traditional dapple grey.

Brassington & Cooke rocking horse

Restored rocking horse

Another photo of the same rocking horse. It has previously undergone a restoration to include a removable saddle.

Brassington Cooke Rocking horse restored