F H Ayres Rocking Horse 'Charity'


Antique Rocking Horse by F H Ayres.

This rocking horse is being sold on behalf of Kilmarnock Horse Rescue http://kilmarnockhorserescue.co.uk/  The aim of the charity is to rescue,  rehabilitate and rehome as many horses, ponies and donkeys as they are able to.  The sale of this horse will contribute to the food and bedding bills for the winter.

Measurements of horse are -

Floor to ear 48 inch

Outside of hind leg to outside of front leg 48 inch

Ear to bottom of front foot 36 inch


Situated in West Sussex UK

Please contact Linda Terry on 01798872008 

F H Ayres rockin ghorse close up head
F H Ayres Rocking Horse For Sale
Antique rocking horse head
F H Ayres rocking horse legs
F H AYRES Rocking horse antique for sale
Bacl legs of F H Ayres rocking horse
Front legs F H Ayres rocking horse