Rare Antique Rocking Horse on Bow Rocker from Scottish Castle

Rare very unusual bow rocking horse circa 1830 - 1860 

Refurbished many years ago whilst still resident at Cassilli House Castle in Scotland where the Kennedy family moved to from their previous residence 'Culzean Castle' which they had handed to the Scottish national trust in 1946, Reckless has since become part of a private collection.  

He doesn't fit under the headings of the 'known' identifiable manufacturers as his attribution is presently 'unknown' 

Some of these 'unknown' horses are just as magnificent, if not more so than their more well known counterparts. .  

His stature is exquisite with outstretched limbs in racing stance & unusually he also is extra carved to all four of his legs. He has a noble face with fine nasal detail, a tongue and extra carving around his wither, which Is quite unusual. 

Not presently available for sale.

Large Rare Antique Bow rocking Horse For Sale