For Sale - A Very pretty Bow Rocking Horse who starred in the movie 'The Woman In Black'

'The Woman In Black' rocking horse.

A very pretty little dapple grey rocking horse on bow rocker for sale.

This lovely little fellow is one of two rocking horses who starred in the movie 'The Woman In Black' created by commission to feature in the film that has been shown on screens throughout the US Canada & the UK, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Ciaran Hinds, Janet Mcteer, Sophie Stuckey & Liz White. 

This particular horse starred in the earlier part of the film with his twin starring in the later part. Both horses playing the same part in different times of the film. 

He is in good condition minus some studio marking including to his shoulder. The top photo shows him having arrived straight from the filming studio! Confirmed provenence included.

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Situated in the UK.

Pretty little bow rocking horse that starred in a movie.
Pretty little bow rocking horse
Close up showing the head on this pretty little bow rocker.
Little dapple grey bow rocking horse.
The two rocking horses that starred in 'The Woman In Black' Movie