Absolutely Stunning Traditional Wood Rocking Horse For Sale. 

Exquisite realistic rocking horse of a large size. 

Crafted many years ago from solid wood.  

Not a new horse but In good original overall condition albeit some minor age related scuffs/marks. 

Incredible detail to his face, neck & legs with pronounced stifles & confirmation just like a real horse! 

He has a lovely turn to his head with 'kind' eyes, very fine carved realistic 'listening' ears... & nasal with soft blowing nostrils... 

Quality Saddlery is in good condition. Detailed bridle with noseband. Buckled reins.

I have seen some beautiful rocking horses crafted over the years of which this really is one of my favourites...  he has that 'special something' ... not just a rocking horse but also a fine interior piece.

He is a VERY Heavy solid rocking horse & is looking for an appreciative home to someone who appreciates fine sculpture.  He will take at least two strong people to lift him.

The photographs show his wood in different lights. The thumbnails show him in natural daylight & the large photos show him under artificial light.

He measures - 

Just over 45" high (His height belies his true size, please see the following)...

Hoof to hoof 53" 

Body length ( chest to rump just over 28")

Stand length just over 58"

Stand width 18"