A Haddon rocking horse that has been lovingly restored by FineEnglishRockingHorses.

 'Calypso' is a Vintage Haddon Rocking Horse beautifully restored to a realistic One Of A Kind finish.  

Calypso can be ridden with care - He is also a decorative interior item to be appreciated as a unique work of art. 

His swing-stand has been given some much needed TLC and had the old chipped varnish hand stripped. It has cleaned up well, having been sanded and waxed.

The stand retains the original Haddon plaque.

His bespoke restoration included realistic glass horse eyes and the more expensive choice of silvery grey horsehair mane & tail to compliment his dapples.

He can be available without the saddlery set for £2200, or alternatively with the removable & adjustable saddlery set for £2500.

(The saddlery set is a miniature version of English style saddlery & includes a saddle with fully adjustable stirrup leathers and irons, a fleecy numnah and adjustable martingale.. The bridle has a pelham style bit and the leather work is also adjustable and comes with a rolled browband and noseband.

He stands max height 42" high by max stand length 54” long.


Only a few of these beautiful & very individual rocking horses are created each year.

Please enquire through the 'Contact Us' Page. Thankyou.

Realistic rocking horse for sale
Realistic rocking horse for sale
Realistic rocking horse for sale
Realistic rocking horse for sale