There are many rocking horse makers who have manufactured rocking horses in recent times including todays market & Legends Rocking Horses deserve a mention.

Their designs are truly exquisite with great attention to detail.

They pride themselves on crafting Victorian & Georgian replica rocking horses as well as Carousels from hardwoods using traditional carving tools & time served tecniques. Bespoke models are their speciality including the Pharlap rocking horse, The Arab horse & the trotting horse... all very individual in design. 

Their horses come in a variety of finishes, including traditional dapple grey, a natural realistic dapple & also wood finishes including Cherry wood & Oak.

Reknowned for their beauty and also strength they are often purchased not only for their beauty & design but also usability.

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Legends Rocking Horse

This particular rocking horse crafted by Legends has been given a bespoke finish in a dappled steel grey. He has the usual quality saddlery in a fixed style & sits on a hardwood swingstand. Take note of his detailed muscle carving to his legs and neck.

Legends rocking horse in a bespoke steel grey finish

Legend Rocking Horse head

Here is a close up showing the stunning carving to the head of this Legends rocking horse.

Beautiful head of this dapple grey Legend rocking horse

Legends Rocking Horse Head

Another angle showing the beautifully carved flared nostrils and kind eye expression on this bespoke Steel dapple grey Legends rocking horse. Also note the neck muscle carving .

Legends rocking horse dapple grey head close up

Legends Rocking Horse

Finished with a long flowing mane & tail in horsehair completes the look to this bespoke crafted rocking horse by Legends. this was one that was previously offered for sale & quickly found a new home!

Legends dapple grey bespoke rocking horse

Legends Rocking Horse - Dapple Grey

This is another fabulous example of a wooden rocking horse carved by Legends. 

This time in a lighter traditional dapple grey with blonde mane & tail.

Beautiful dapple grey wooden rocking horse by Legends