Rocking Horse Identification - this page shows the types of Traditional Old, & Antique rocking horses from various makers including, F H Ayres, G J Lines, Leach, Smith, Collinsons & Sons, for your interest.


Some of the different makes of rocking horses are shown in brief on this page. 

There are further pages that go into more detail with photos to help you with rocking horse identification. 

These are information pages only & include the main makers F H Ayres,  G J Lines, Haddon, Collinson & Sons.

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F H Ayres (Frederick Henry Ayres)

'F H Ayres D type rocking horse'

A very fine example of a rocking horse manufactured by F H Ayres. This example is known as a 'D' type & these were carved with significantly more detail than some of their other horses produced, to include extra carving on the legs, neck and rump. These horse also were given a realistic wither & dock with carving to mimic muscle definition along their spine. This old boy has a turned & twisted head & also an unusual long tongue. His original paintwork is in exceptional condition.

F H Ayres Extra carved rocking horse.

Another 'extra carved' F H Ayres rocking horse' & his restorer has given him a very sympathetic restoration conserving a lot of his originality. 

Restored to include retaining his original paintwork & saddlery preserved, with replacement stirrups, reins & bit.

His replacement saddle cloths were copied exactly the same from his original, in a vintage pure wool fabric with genuine antique gold fringing the same as Ayres used back in the time. His cows hair mane & tail, although replaced are as he would have had back in the time. It is lovely to see all his wonderful old metal Ayres rosettes in tact, which have taken on a green/blue patina. Quite often these are lost. 

Restored (Frederick Henry Ayres) F H Ayres Rocking Horse, his restorer has managed to retain much of his originality.

G & J Lines

'G J Lines extra carved nursery rocker'

A fine example of another antique rocking horse with her paintwork in original condition.

This rocking horse was carved by G & J Lines, notice her beautifully dished face and flared nostrils. G & J Lines rocking horses have a noticeably more feminine look than the F H Ayres rocking horses.

An antique nursery rocking horse by G J Lines, with end seats.

G J Lines Bow Rocker 

'G J Lines bow rocker plain carved'

Another lovely example of an antique G J Lines bow rocking horse fully restored. 

Her restoration included preserving her original bow rocker, glass eyes & also her metal mouth piece. 

It is nice to see that she retains her original Caledonian badge to her chest & both stirrup irons. 

Her carving is typical of G & J Lines with a beautiful dished face & flared nostrils.

Antique bow rocking horse by G J Lines restored
Note the feminine dish face & flared nostrils on the head of this restored G J Lines rocking horse.

J R Smith

A really lovely example of an antique rocking horse on a bow rocker by JR Smith. 

Antique rocking horse on bow rocker by J R Smith.

Brassington & Cooke

An antique rocking horse by Brassington & Cooke on a bow rocker, fully restored to include new paintwork and saddery.

Antique rocking horse by Brassington & Cooke

Paul Leach / Leach

'Leach rocking horse Extra carved'

A fabulous example of a rocking horse attributed to manufacturer Paul Leach / Leach with much originality.

Antique rocking horse attributed to Paul Leach.

Another example of a rocking horse attributed to Leach but this time unrestored and in overpainted condition.

Head of an unrestored overpainted rocking horse attributed to Leach

Collinsons & Sons

A vintage rocking horse by Collinsons (Collinsons & Sons) of Liverpool.


Very similar to G J Lines this is an example of an antique rocking horse by Woodrow. 

 Lines Bros

'Lines Brothers Sportiboy'

A vintage 'Sportiboy' rocking horse by Lines Bros. (Lines Brothers) With much originality.

A vintage Sportyboy rocking horse by Lines Bothers

Lines Bros

'Lines brothers Nursery rocker with end seats'

Pickles is the smallest Lines bros nursery rocking horse seen to date. Shown in the photo with worn paintwork on original swing stand.

Antique Lines Bros nursery rocking horse with end seats.

Baby Carriages

A vintage rocking horse by Baby Carriages in original condition

Haddon Rocking horses

'Eventer model'

A large Haddon Vintage rocking horse in the 'Nursery rocker style' which is a bow rocker with end seats. 

Haddon rocking horses are generally constructed from fiberglass & the moulds taken from various antique rocking horses, to include F H Ayres & also Lines. 

This particular rocking horse has been moulded from a cast taken from an early G & J Lines rocking horse & he comes dressed in full eventing saddlery including a running martingale. 

Circa 1970s, is one of Haddon's earlier models.

'Haddon F H Ayres model rocking horse'

Another Haddon rocking horse this time taken from a cast of an antique F H Ayres rocking horse and the photo shows him undergoing refurbishment to a realistic finish.

Crossley Bros

Antique rocking horse by Crossley Bros.

Crossley Bros


Antique bow rocking horse by Parker with original paintwork that has been lightly restored.


Ragamuffin rocking horses are constructed from fiberglass with the stand being made of wood. 

Ragamuffin rocking horse