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Rockinghorse Props For Hire - Set Production - Film - TV - Adverts - Theatre - Photography - Wedding - Events 

Whether for a film production, television advert or Theatrical event we have rocking horse props for you to hire.

Please note that due to the present COVID situation the rocking horse hire service is not presently operating.

Hire a Rocking Horse

Film Companies - Bow Rocking horses available to hire. Contact Us with you requirements & latest Props Hire availability...

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Theatre Props Hire

Please contact us for present Rocking Horses to Hire Prop availability.

Film TV Adverts Theatre Wedding Rocking horse prop Events hire...

Small Bow Rocking Horses Prop Hire

Need a rocking horse for your Film Set, TV Advert, Theatrical Production, Wedding Photographs? Contact Us for present Rocking Horse Props availability.

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